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InteriCAD T5 provides interior design, exterior desing, render, animation
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YuanFang Software Co., Ltd
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InteriCAD T5 provides interior design, exterior design, render, animation, working drawing and furniture design in a professional manner.
With InteriCAD T5, you can accomplish works which would take several sets of software to do (such as AutoCAD, 3ds max, Photoshop and hand drawing).

Main Features:
- Easy to learn and use
- quick modeling function
- professional working drawing system
- Massive and updatable library
- Handy material / texture / object edit in 3D scene
- Realistic lighting & rendering
- Flexible 3D model formation
- Clone Object
- Various of outputs: 3D presentation, panorama, animation, DXF file, channel picture and sketching
- Intelligent 2D to 3D conversion
- Online Cloud Library

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Intericad T3 pro is like a poorly hacked together version of Autocad, Ray tracer and a basic 2D plan package. It originated in China by a company called 'yuan fang' and its functionality throughout each program is abismal. It is a terrible and crude piece of software banged together with no logic or indeed user friendliness. When editing in the 'render' (3D space)section, moving or resizing models is tedious. The camera views are hard to manipulate - compare how the camera views work on 3D crafter (a free 3D program) and you will realise how atrocious this program is. I felt like I was designing in the 20th century. I would say that aside from the inconvenience of the poor programming, graphic glitches throughout (due to hacking and trashy coding?) and the annoying 'save' reminders that appear every few minutes with a 'bing' noise you can't turn off - one would be far better investing in a proper program that is solid and tested properly and can cover the 3 areas of design that Intericad barely achieves. With a price tag of circa €2000 - if you purchase this there is no comeback, you will be thoroughly disappointed and feel completely ripped off. Steer well clear!

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